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Relationships are part of our everyday life, whether they be intimate relationships, friendships, parent-child relationships, or co-workers. These relationships can influence and impact our daily lives. If we can break down those relationship dynamics, we may be able to look deeper into the role they play in our daily lives. 

Sex & Sexuality

Sex and sexuality play a significant role in our worlds, both in and out of intimate relationships. I believe that everyone should have a safe space to talk about their sexual identities and fantasies without feeling the judgment that much of society puts on people.


The current world we live in can make it challenging for us to feel like we are good enough or comfortable in our own skin. Increasing your self-esteem can be a long hard road that will likely include practicing increased self-compassion and decreased negative self-talk. 


Life is filled with stress, but sometimes healthy stress can turn to unhealthy stress quickly and be overwhelming. Stress can lead to a decline not only in one’s mental wellness but also one’s physical health. Stress is inevitable, therefor it is essential for everyone to develop coping strategies for stress while also expanding on their self-care tool kit.


Anxiety can be debilitating and misunderstood. It can influence how we live and experience our lives, and sometimes we don’t even fully understand what’s behind our anxiety. Gaining more insight and developing coping strategies may allow us to better manage our anxiety in our day to day lives. 

Law Enforcement/First Responders 

Law enforcement officers and first responders help those in need in our community, but that is not without a cost. The exposure to accidents, death, and violence, to name a few, may become overwhelming and hard to process. Processing these events in a safe and confidential space may help individuals function better on the job and in their daily lives. 

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